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NEXT LIVE CLASS: Why Photographers Should Pitch Media, and How to Do it Successfully

Let’s face it: relying on social media – especially Instagram – isn’t a viable strategy to get you and your photography business noticed. To expand the number of eyes on your photography business you need to control the distribution of your own content. Learn how to leverage the power of SEO, understand what media is looking for, and most importantly “pitch” them. Viral success doesn’t come by accident: you make it happen through strategic action. 

I Wish I’d Known That! Photoshop Power Techniques for Photographers

Every photographer knows Photoshop is full of amazing features — but which ones should you use when you really need to be efficient and productive. Join Jesús Ramirez in this information-packed session where he will share his best Photoshop techniques for photographers. Learn little-known features, and better ways to work with the tools that you already use. This session will leave you saying, “I wish I knew that years ago!”

“Confessions of a Former Film Addict”

FUJIFILM X-Photographer Paul Von Rieter discusses how switching to medium format allowed him to ditch film for good whilst still achieving the organic aesthetic that his images are known for.

Natural Light Journey: Portraits on Film

A brief history of how Jen Huang Bogan found her style in natural light portraiture, from process to product, including the progression from wedding photography to portrait photography when usually it’s the other way around.